Tactical Department

The Tactical department is ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of both ship and crew during combat situations. Their members maintain and operate both the ship’s offensive and defensive systems.

Positions in the Department:

Chief Tactical Officer

The Chief Tactical Officer’s duty is to ensure the safety of ship and crew through ship-to-ship combat. They man the weapons station on the bridge and have control of the deflector shields for ship’s protection, and are an expert in the field of inter-ship combat tactics. S/he also is a department head and a member of the senior staff, responsible for all the crew members in her/his department and duty rosters.

Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

The Assistant Chief Tactical Officer assists the Chief Tactical Officer in the daily work; in issues regarding tactical operations and any administrative matters. If required, the Assistant Chief must be able to take command of the Tactical department.

Tactical Officer

The Tactical Officers are the vessels gunmen. They assist the Chief Tactical Officer by running and maintaining the numerous weapons systems aboard the ship/starbase, and analysis and tactical planning of current missions. Very often Tactical Officers are also trained in ground combat and small unit tactics.

Weapons Officer

Weapons Officers oversee the individual weapons teams responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship’s offensive and defensive weaponry systems.

Fire Control Technician

Fire Control Technicians work closely with other members of the Tactical department to locating, identifying, and tracking targets. They target and guide the ship’s weapons systems as well as maintain the ship’s computer network.

Weapons Technician

Weapons Technicians are responsible for maintaining the ship’s offensive and defensive weaponry as well as their launching systems.