Welcome to the USS North Carolina!

The twenty-fifth-century was supposed to be an era of peace and prosperity, the Borg were gone the Dominion defeated……seems someone forgot to tell the twenty-fifth century.

For decades the Federation has lived in peace or alliance with its closest and most powerful neighbors we had become complacent and assumed nothing would change to shake the Khitomer Accords… we were wrong.

It is 2412, the Federation for the first time in generations stands alone, the Romulan Empire is shattered after the loss of their homeworlds nothing but bands of warlords. The Klingons, once our most trusted ally has withdrawn all ties have returned to their ways of conquest crushing the Gorn under their heel and making pets of the Ferasan.

Starfleet is returning to a mentality not seen in decades, beset by enemies and dangers on all sides Starfleet is getting ready for war at a moments notice.

Starfleet’s newest symbol, the Odyssey class starship, is to take to the stars and show the might and resolve of the Federation much like the old Constitution Class used to do. 

The newest to join this elite force is the USS North Carolina, currently in Utopia Planitia Shipyards above Mars for final crew assignments when Starfleet suddenly orders her to action leaving without almost a quarter of her crew.

A priority one mission sends the ship racing to the edge of the Beta Quadrant to accesses the threat of a race that attacked the scout ship USS Rodger Young. A race that bears resemblance to an ancient threat Starfleet had to survive before the birth of the Federation itself.

The North Carolina’s Commanding Officer has been tasked with learning if humanity’s old enemy is returning and to attempt to make peace, but given the brutality of the enemy, has been authorized to engage in combat and eliminate them with extreme prejudice if needed…….

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If you are thinking of joining the ship or would just like to get some more information feel free to contact:

Jonathan G. Wilson - Commanding Officer Uniform

Brigadier General

Jonathan G. Wilson

Commanding Officer


TJ Allen - MACO Flag

Major General

TJ Allen

Executive Officer


Cameron Devonshire


Charles Hecker

Second Officer